Wednesday, March 26, 2008

KBwD is (back?) on the Air

Our last installment of KBwD stated we weren’t going to just keep throwing you over to a YouTube clip of questionable audio and video quality as it was the lazy, easy way out. Well….. got news for you all. After heating up a turkey pot pie in the microwave this evening for dinner, we’re all about the lazy and easy.

Actually, the sound in this clip is very good and the selection for the cut was inspired by hearing it on random play on our iPod. You know the band but you may not be familiar with the tune which is a highly underrated pop gem and one our favorite songs by one of our favorite bands.

Ladies and Gentlemen…. The Doors…. performing a paeon to good old-fashioned, family-values desire and lust, Wishful Sinful. Enjoy!

P.S. Try singing along in your best Robert Goulet voice. It so works.


Anonymous said...

That....... was totally cool. How easily we trash the bigguns, because we forget! (we get caught up in the few top tens) The ABoV will totally appreciate did I.

Hey, what is the greatest one-hit-wonder?

The RockStar

Dean said...

'Star, glad you liked it. I'll keep trolling for little gems like this.

Greatest one-hit wonder? Hmmmm... Let me chew on that one. Hey, maybe a candidate for a poll.

K T Cat said...

Nooooo! Not Robert Goulet!