Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back to the Future

Last Friday, the President defended his stimulus package by saying that this country could not return to the same tired argument and worn ideas of the past 8 years.

Of course, that got us to thinking: To what, precisely, was President Obama referring:

Was it possibly the $400 Billion prescription drug plan of a few years ago? Was it, the $268 Billion Highway Bill that was to upgrade our transportation infrastructure and which was signed into law a mere 3-1/2 years ago? Or was it, maybe, the $300 Billion housing bailout bill that was passed just this past summer?

Maybe the President was talking about the $700 Billion TARP legislation half of which we’ve blown through already to little or no avail and the 2nd half of which we are entrusting to a two-time tax cheat to administer? (Confused? That would be Timothy Geithner, the Secretary of Treasury)

Or maybe it’s the fact that people like Chris Dodd and Charlie Rangel who have scant respect for ethics and respect for the law and who from their respective chairmanships will be the gloried “reformers” who will re-write the laws to save us from ourselves and which will prevent us from falling into this sort of mess ever again.

It is indeed time for some fresh thinking and innovative solutions as our collective way ahead. We stand ready to hear what the President has to offer.

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