Monday, February 9, 2009

Just not the TiVo types

We will be out of pocket because we will be out at sea on Trials so we will miss Wednesday evening’s game of #3 North Carolina vs. #6 Duke. Shame. This rivalry, the best in college basketball, has some juice again as both teams are simultaneously back on their game.

So in lieu of seeing the game, we will take some solace in this video of UNC’s Danny Green getting ummm… acquainted with Duke point guard, Greg Paulus who has appeared to make this “posterizing” thing an unsavory habit as detailed here by Awful Announcing.

Exit question: For you Duke haters out there of whom we count ourselves among, does Duke get some slack because their coach, Mike Krzyzewski, brought home the gold as the head coach of the U.S. men’s basketball team in the Olympics? We think it does.


Anonymous said...


West Coast-based BwD pimps the UNC-Duke game while giving no love whatsoever to the boys two miles down the street from the BwD offices -- who have a huge game the very same night at the Huntsman Center in SLC for sole possession of first place in the MWC.

You are sleeping! You do not want to believe! You are sleeping...

- Mongo Channeling Louder Than Bombs

B-Daddy said...

The Dukies get no love. I almost agree with Mongo, but unfortunately both San Diego college teams have ended up disappointing too many times to give them much love either. By the way Mongo, I have to tell with you I root for the Torreros, since they are my neighbors.

Anonymous said...

San Diego State has a basketball team? That's a barn-burner if there ever was one.


Duke vs UNC or SDSU vs Utah

This is not even fair.

Anonymous said...

Cowboy, I see the East Coast Bias has wormed its way into you.

Bet you didn't know Utah had a football team until they buried Alabama 8 feet below the surface in SEC territory.

- Mongo Will Get Ya Right