Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hey, do you know what would be better than one stimulus bill?

Aboard Air Force One en route here, presidential spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters the White House was open-minded about another similar effort. But he stressed that there are no plans currently in the works for one.

Then, why mention it?

The President signed into law the stimulus bill in Denver today returning to the location where he first made public mention of this monstrosity.

In his remarks, he makes note that the plan is without earmarks, as if that solves everything – as if that automatically grants merit to porkulus. But who needs earmarks or set-asides when everybody will be awash in federal taxpayer largesse because nothing says job creation and economic stimulus like $81 billion for “protecting the vulnerable”.

And now that the bill has actually been passed though the legislative sausage grinder and signed into law, consider yourself privileged enough to be able to read it here at recovery.gov


K T Cat said...

Dear dum-dum,

Of course there's going to be another one. What do you think random number generators are for, anyway?


Anonymous said...

One of my "This has absolutely nothing to do with this post"-comments...

Good op/ed article in the NYT. Interesting read...


- Mongo Not Waiting For Darryl Hall and John Oates To Sing How They're Not Going to Play Mumbai