Monday, February 23, 2009

When going that extra mile just won't do

In the end, immigration activists never made it to the site of yesterday's planned demonstration, a plaza dubbed Friendship Park that sits on a bluff overlooking the ocean at Border Field State Park.

For the first time, Border Patrol agents formally sealed off access on the U.S. side to the plaza, for years a popular meeting place on the U.S.-Mexico border for families to visit through the fence.

“This is a treasured piece of the San Diego landscape where people meet for peaceful reasons,” said John Fanestil, executive director of the Foundation for Change, a nonprofit social-justice group involved in immigration issues. “The fencing will change that landscape.”

We have a suggestion... a novel idea, really, for Fanestil, activists and anyone else who wants to visit with their Mexican friends and family: go to Mexico.

For reals. Go to Mexico. It’s right next door to us, it’s free and you can hang out there for as long as your hosts see fit.

Besides the grandstanding opportunity this affords immigration activists, we fail to see how the closing of that "treasured piece of San Diego landscape" represents an issue of substance.

P.S. We read this article in yesterday's San Diego Union-Tribune. When we went to retrieve it electronically this morning, the U-T's own website search function could not retrieve it. We found it by doing a Google search. We don't know precisely why newspapers are going under by the number they are but this latest experience speaks to a general structural or systemic incompetence with, at least, this one particular newspaper.

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