Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Patriotism Update - Hooray

B-Daddy here. This is an update to a previous post, in which I alluded to Joe Biden's quote about paying taxes being patriotic. I was getting ready to pen an article about how the GOP needed to go after Tom Daschle over the tax issue, when he withdrew his name. Glad to see how the new Prez' full support helped him out. My case was going to center around the need to oppose more socialism in health care, and propose more free markets. That urgency is tamped down a bit, while Obama casts about for a new health czar. This is great news. But I must admit that Obama is raising the ethical bar in Washington, continuing to nominate well connected Democrats is increasing the tax compliance rate for the nation. However, it makes you wonder if these Democrats favor tax increases, because hey, they never pay taxes anyway.

P.S. I couldn't resist just one quote from the linked article:

Daschle also was facing questions about potential conflicts of interests related to the speaking fees he accepted from health care interests. Daschle also provided advice to health insurers and hospitals through his post-Senate work at a law firm.

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Dean said...

For my money, Geithner's case is far more egregious than Daschle's.