Wednesday, February 18, 2009

That 100th Day can't come soon enough

What accounts for this debacle? You could start with a lack of presidential leadership. Who would have thought the missing player in the first month of the administration would be Barack Obama? He let his signature economic legislation, the stimulus, be shaped by congressional Democrats. He let internal disputes over the difficult question of how to save the banking system result in a disastrous non-announcement of a non-plan by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner last week. Before that, he let Geithner become Treasury secretary after cheating on his income taxes, and waived his own ethics rules to appoint a lobbyist as deputy secretary of defense--undercutting his promises to clean up Washington. He allowed Rahm Emanuel to politicize the Census Bureau, losing as a result his commerce secretary-designee, Judd Gregg, an ornament of his professed hope for bipartisanship.

The passage of the stimulus package, labeled as “Obama’s big victory” (like it wasn’t going to be passed?) has overshadowed a myriad of missteps that have been chronicled, in part, in these pages.

KT provides a nice wrap-up, here, about early Administration decisions sure to bite us in the ass down the road.

Dig the part about Chris “Onions” Dodd inserting language into porkulus which would restrict executive pay retroactively…. a feature not part of the advertised plan and which was done without White House knowledge.


Anonymous said...

Porkulous, oh Porkulous, how the pedulum must swing before we can get the nation to vomit.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. "Biting us in the ass down the road"?? You're kidding right?

Captain Dubya has steared us right into the ice field, holes are being punched in the hull, and you are worried about whether the lifeboats will be too crowded.


- Mongo Still Dismantling the Stage From the Inauguration

K T Cat said...

Thanks for the link!

Dean said...

Guess who isn't President anymore?

Anonymous said...


Just because drunk driver is now sitting on the curb, it doesn't make him any less at fault for sheared off fire hydrant and resultant geyser, or the condition of the car now wrapped around the pole.

- Mongo Willing to Visit Aladdin Bail Bonds To Spring Good-Time Dubya