Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Get to know some of your new ruling junta

Chuck Schumer on some of the finer points of the stimulus bill (don’t worry – clip is short):

Whether or not the American people care about tiny porky amendments in their $1 Trillion stimulus gumbo is somewhat of an unknown and is not germane to Chucky’s words as what struck us about that quote is that Chucky is projecting… he’s projecting himself onto the American electorate.

Simply substitute “I” for “The American people” to get the true flavor of what Chucky is inferring.

Chucky don’t care what you think and the nature of this bill and how it was hammered-out in closed door sessions by only a few select people to where even Blue Dog Democrats were howling, speaks volumes about it’s ultimate intent: political payoff and investment in future votes via radical expansion of the federal government.

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Anonymous said...

What planet is this guy living on?