Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A sandwich in every glass

and speaking of beer...

Americans may be cutting back their expenses to weather the turbulent economy, but they’re still drinking their craft beer.

As most other business segments contend with negative growth, craft beer makers - small, independent and traditional brewers that produce less than 2 million barrels per year - are enjoying slowed but still-strong sales increases and outperforming the beer industry as a whole.

While craft brewers have seen slowdowns in the volume of their beer consumed at restaurants and bars, business has picked up at the packies as more people spend their free time at home to save money.

This past summer, we wrote about the rising popularity of the classic fizzy yellow beers of days gone by like Schlitz and Pabst so we guess this proves that beer, whether it’s the crappy stuff or the good stuff, is a pretty inelastic commodity in both good times and bad.

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