Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Look Ma...

… our first protest!

We can’t believe it… it’s finally here. Our chance to, for once and for all, cast off the shackles of Gen-X indifference and apathy and to step into the light to receive the long sought-after approval of our Boomer older brethren.

It’s on – this Saturday on the Embarcadero just north of the Star of India – our chance to express our displeasure with the Generational Theft Act of 2009. Details here.

Protesting porkulus in the morning and beer tasting in the afternoon… we can’t think of a more American way to spend this Saturday than to exercise our 1st and 21st amendment rights, respectively.


Anonymous said...

I may just come for the sheer spectacle of watching BwD get its anger on.

Paging the 1968 Chicago Convention Police... Paging the 1968 Chicago Convention Police...

- Mongo Loves Freedom of Assembly

B-Daddy said...

A reminder that all your buddies over at Daily Kos kept up the mantra that "Dissent is Patriotic" for the last eight years. Is that dependent on who is in power?

Tough call, interferes with weekly round ball in the 'hood.

Dean said...

My extremely limited exposure to protests has led me to the general conclusion that the majority of "anger" resides on one side of the aisle.

If you looked at the protest video of the tea party up in Seattle, the cheeky signs combined with the general mood of the participants, indicated people were having a pretty good time.

B-Daddy, ditch hoops for this one Saturday.

Anonymous said...

10 bucks if you start a "FREE MR. CLARK!" chant...

But, seriously, let's not let our rose-colored glasses figure who has got the greatest amount of anger goin' on: I remind you to take a look back at my Hillary Clinton rally photos from outside Cox Arena, and check out the Far Right rabble and what their signs had to say about a PRIMARY election event. Lord knows what would have broken out if Hills had gone on to the general.

- Mongo Recalls With Terrified Glee the Angry GOP Mob Breaking Into The FL Registrar of Voters Offices the Day After the Presidential Election, 2000