Thursday, February 12, 2009

On Fairness.

Our favorite pro-Western lesbian libertina weighs in on the Fairness Doctrine.

The best hosts combine a welcoming master of ceremonies manner with a vaudevillian brashness. Liberal imitators haven't made a dent on talk radio because they think it's all about politics, when it isn't. Top hosts are life questers and individualists who explore a wide range of thought and emotion and who skillfully work the mike like jazz vocalists. Talk radio is a major genre of popular culture that deserves the protection accorded to other branches of the performing and fine arts. Liberals, who go all hushed and pious at Hays Code censorship in classic Hollywood, should lay off the lynch-mob mentality. Keep the feds out of radio!

More from Camille Paglia, here.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever wondered why conservative talk radio is successful where liberal talk radio is virtually confined to taxpayer subsidized NPR?

Although I may agree with BwD conservative hosts are skillful and entertaining, do you mean the left can't compete? Are you kidding me? The left are replete with entertainers, yet they can't compete in the talk radio genre.

The liberals have cornered the market on Hollywood, the sound-bite news, and the arts, but can't compete in talk radio.

So if the liberals have the talent, why don't they have the audience for talk radio?

You haven't figured it out? It's the instrument by which idea's are conveyed. It's radio, it's pure listening. Issues oriented talk radio depends more on the attention span of the listening public.

Deep in the liberal mind is this resentment of the success of talk radio because of the the relation that holds between these audiences. Not the hosts or genre.


B-Daddy said...

Programming note: El Rushbo promises to challenge the President on behalf of talk radio on what exactly the President's position is.

Dissent is patriotic.