Monday, February 23, 2009


Consider this porkulus' Festivus for the Rest of Us.

H/T: Redistributing Knowledge via Hedgecock.

P.S. We'll try to update this later as there is more here than meets the eye

(UPDATE #1): Even more hastily assembled than the stimulus bill if that is possible, a demonstration in that hot bed of conservative activism was put together last Monday up in Seattle on the eve of the President signing the bill into law. Blogger, Liberty Belle and the proprietor of Redistributing Knowledge, linked above, was responsible for this exercise of 1st amendment rights. KIRO-TV covers the protest here. Dig the lefty throwing out the Nazi salute in protest to the protest. Because objecting to the nationalization of private enterprise is now proof of being a Nazi?

Liberty Belle was on Hedgecock’s show this afternoon talking about the event and her motivation. She teaches at a private non-profit school for the disadvantaged that is supported only by private donations and the proceeds of a thrift shop up there in Seattle. She remarked with some frustration how some of the people she works with were excited to be getting an extra $20 or $30 a month through porkulus when, in reality, real freedom and personal economic expansion comes, in part, through basic reading and writing skills.

We love the subtitle of her blog: Because knowledge is the only commodity that needs redistributing. Stop by her place and show some BwD love when you get a chance. She’s out there making it happen.

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