Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We were cool with Keith Jackson and Bad Company

Thank goodness we’re not the only ones that can’t stand the new “What’s G?” television ads which are fashioned to rebrand the Gatorade image into something younger, edgier and more urban. We imagine this is the sports drink equivalent of promoting a fried-chicken empire out of the ante-bellum South and into the 21st century. “What’s K?”

Hey, look it’s John Carlos and Tommie Smith… ‘cause nothing says counter-culture co-opting like reproducing your iconic image for a sports drink commercial. ("Pops" would be pleased to find out these two gentleman who chose to make a political statement on the world stage at the '68 Olympics have not only been fully mainstreamed but are celebrated as elder statesmen of American culture. We're not sure what got his goat more, that or Hank Iba's handling of the men's basketball team in the '72 Olympics. "Damn Russians shouldn't have even been that close")

And the slasher movie hip-hop dance troupe? Thanks, no.

We’re glad G has finally revealed itself, though, as we couldn’t understand why we could no longer find our favorite flavor, the bug-juice grape awesomeness of Gatorade Fierce… which is now Gatorade Bring It. Can ya feel it?

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And a Gatorade commercial more our speed


Anonymous said...

I remember Ted Johnson, the retarded manager of the Golden Hawks football team bringing out the powdered grape gatorade, and as he passed out the bottles of the cool liquid with his black fingernails, saying, "I squeezed the grapes myself"

Remembering the highlights of Hell Week,

Dean said...

"I squeezed the grapes myself"???

I'm laughing my ass off right now. Picturing "Sling Blade".

Anonymous said...

I'm taking it as a sign of watching too much Mountain West on The Mtn. that I haven't seen these new Gatorade commercials yet.

But damn if I hadn't been told 800 times in a row by the Ad Council ads that digital TV was coming...

God bless The Mtn for Tuesday night Colorado State-Air Force basketball matchups and PSA commercials re the importance of getting your 50 year old home checked for raydon.

- Mongo Glowing in The Dark