Saturday, February 7, 2009

We have seen the enemy...

In these times of financial stress, I submit that we know what's wrong, but we won't face up to our issues. The most difficult things in life to change are both simple and hard. Losing fat weight is a great example. It is simple; eat fewer calories and exercise more; and it is hard, because I am like so many people that I can't seem get it done.

Getting beyond any partisan mud-slinging as the John the Baptist-like Highway Bill to Hell road work done by George W. Bush only greased the skids for the messianic arrival of Barack Hussein Obama, we fully comprehend that we got into this crisis because we borrowed and spent beyond our means. But now, we are asked to suspend disbelief and accept that more spending and borrowing beyond our means is the only mechanism that will rescue us from this crisis.

Add to this the fact that this mechanism will be administered by people who feel they are somehow above the laws of the land with respect to paying taxes and disclosing conflict-of-interest information and one will inevitably arrive at the conclusion that this crisis is not financial or political in nature but rather cultural.

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B-Daddy said...

Thanks for the link and commentary. Despite my earlier comments, I am wondering if George Bush won't be remembered as a bad President, not for Iraq, but for the very un-Republican things he did in office, leaving us in such a mess.

K T Cat said...

This feels so much like the last 1/3 of Atlas Shrugged where the corrupt industrialists and government officials are looting the country even as it sinks under the water. As time goes on both here and in the book, pretense is dropped and we fall into simple, massive theft accompanied by propaganda.