Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Not in our job description but hey, what the heck.

We never thought we’d be in the anti-piracy business but now we are indirectly linked to the latest anti-piracy tactics undertaken by the U.S. Navy as the ships we are currently building have been called into this service.

The USNS LEWIS AND CLARK (T-AKE 1), ostensibly a general purpose and replenishment-at-sea cargo ship, is currently serving as a sea-going base of operations for the Navy’s anti-piracy efforts in the waters off of Somalia.

Once the pirates are located by the ship-based Navy helo crews, they will be detained aboard the ship in a make-shift brig down in one of the cargo holds until which time they can be turned over to Kenya for prosecution.

Video below from NBC has the story.

Any of those pirates start acting up, we're sure the Cargo Mate will not have a problem accommodating them in the Freeze/Chill hold.

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