Friday, February 20, 2009

Radio KBwD is on the Air

You know the band but you may not know the song. When we first saw them back in junior high (on the telly – no live shows for us yet), we thought the lead singer was going to be our future punk rock girl friend in high school. Unfortunately, drug problems within the band cut short this quartet's shelf life and we never did get to date the lead singer.

Ladies and Gentleman, straight out of Akron, Ohio by way of London it’s Chrissie Hynde and the original line-up of The Pretenders on the set of Friday’s (this is the episode where Andy Kaufman who was hosting the show kinda loses it) performing "Louie Louie"…. not that "Louie-Louie".

A hearty atta boy to whom ever can guess the name of the song bassist Pete Farndon is riffing on at the beginning of the song.


B-Daddy said...

No clue on the riff, but they are so much better here than in their later work. Thanks for digging this up.

Anonymous said...

"Everybody Needs Somebody to Love" from the Blues Brother.

Dean said...

Not what I was thinking, CB, unless the Blues Brothers were also sampling from the older tune I had in mind.