Saturday, February 14, 2009

These two gentlemen would totally approve

If they ever did a Up in Smoke remake or sequel, we have a scene suggestion:

Police at a Mexican seaport say they have found a pickup truck with body panels and a bumper made from fiberglass — and cocaine.

Officials in the port of Manzanillo dismantled parts of a 1990 pickup truck inside the container and found that its rear bumper and some of its body panels appeared to be made from pressed cocaine base coated in fiberglass.


K T Cat said...

Yo dude! I thought you or B-Daddy might want to do something with this one.

Dean said...

KT, I got my marker in early on that phenomena.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that the premise in "Crash"? Catherine Zeta Jones has some sort of Mexican-toy you dissolve in water and it makes straight cocaine??

Life immitating art. Art immitating life.

Anyway, my favorite argument on either side of the Drug War equation is "Make it legal, then it won't be a crime!"

May I just summarily backhand these people now? Really. I won't make it a hard blow. Just enough to water the eyes.

- Mongo Thinks "Just Add Water" is Swell for Pancakes, But Not Coke

Anonymous said...

Mongo make small error... "Traffic" was the flick...

- M

Anonymous said...

Lucky it didn't get into a car accident. Might have created a small problem with ensuing cocaine dust cloud.